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What To Expect


Portraits are an investment in your history.  Documenting yourself, your family, your milestones, and 'just because' will create lifetime treasures.  I want your unique qualities and personality to shine through your portraits.  We will do both posed shots and candid, relaxed photos. The following is some information that will help ensure your session is successful.




The location chosen sets the overall feel of your shoot.  For a casual, natural feel, let's go to a park or a beach.  For something modern and different, we can shoot near impessive architecture or a wall of graffiti.  Do you have a favourite place?  A spot for clearing your mind, a favourite walk with your loved ones, a place you've always thought was beautiful?  I'm always open to suggestions.  Not to worry, however, if you draw a blank, I have some great locations to use.




What you wear can greatly improve your photos.  Lots of colour, texture, layers and accessories add depth and interest to your photos.  While family coordination is good, matching outfits (all white shirts and blue jeans, for example) rarely help a photo. There are exceptions of course, but as a guide, pick one colour or pattern from one persons' wardrobe and build from there.  If mom has a beautiful floral or patterned top, have dad wear a solid colour in one of the background colours.  Kids can be in complementing colours or different shades of the same colour.  Jewellry, scarves, and other accessories are always good too.  We can add and subtract these throughout the shoot.  Think seasonally too.  Is it Fall or Winter?  Cute mittens, toques, and boots look great as do plaid, vests, and heavier materials.  Summertime?  Think colour! Big, bold colour in light, breezy fabrics.  The only attire I'd ask you to avoid is pinstriped clothing.  Pinstripes do not photograph nicely. 

*Please ensure all clothing is ironed, properly fitting, not transparent (dark bra under white t-shirt, for example), and free from stains. Contrary to trending beliefs in social media, not everything can be fixed with Photoshop.




Props are a really fun way to add a unique element in a photo.  Do you have a family heirloom that everyone talks about? Do you have an unusually beautiful (or ugly!) chair?  Does everyone play a musical instrument?  Does your family have a collection?  If the prop is important to your family, it can be important to your photos too.  That said, props are fun, but by no means necessary. Just your beautiful selves will create beautiful images.




It is important to explain to your children what we'll be doing during your session.  Let them know you will all pose and smile for a few minutes and take some nice pictures.  After that comes playtime! Tell them they can run and play with you and with me!  I will play tag, or hide and seek, or peek-a-boo or make silly sounds.  A photo shoot should be a fun, enjoyable time for everyone. Don't be disappointed or frustrated if they are not doing what you had hoped.  Some of the best photos come from the moments when the kids simply play, explore, and enjoy themselves.  It is a good idea to brings snacks and some water in case your child needs a break. Don't be afraid to bribe either!  Sometimes, a single Smartie can work the magic that no magician has ever mastered.  The offer of an ice cream treat after the shoot has also proved successful in my experience.  Your child's favourite small toy, stuffed animal, or book can also be a great help as well as add a truly personal element to your photos.




Please let me know if there are any shots that you 'must have'.  We will get these done first in case the little ones only have enough patience for a few shots before they are 'done'.




I will email you a sneak peak photo within two or three days of your shoot.  Though it may be sooner than this, please don't ask for it sooner. I'm just as excited as you are about your photos.  Truly.  I can't wait to share with you, but I take pride in my work and I won't rush an image.  Ten days after the shoot, I will then email you a link to your online gallery where you can download all your images in high resolution.




There are so many places to have photos printed these days.  They are not created equally, however.  Though Costco and WalMart print photos in record time and for just pennies, I don't recommend printing at places like these for enlargements. The quality and colour management are not consistent and really won't do your photos justice.  Ask me about alternatives.

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